Personal Branding Session - Studio Allure
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Personal Branding Sessions

You might ask, “What is Personal Branding?” Branding isn’t just a logo, or a business card, it’s an experience that you are selling to your customer/client. An important part of the branding experience for professionals is YOU, especially if your service is what you are selling. This is what makes your public image VERY important. It’s what separates you from the rest, it’s what makes you stand out from your competition. Your headshot can be the single most important image to building new clients and customers. It is the first image that people see of you and projects the message you want to send to these potential customers. Studies have shown that people are more likely to do business with people they trust and with the social media movement, these potential clients can connect with you in multiple ways on multiple platforms. Potential employers find a great head shot to be the sign of a professional and organized employee.

With our Personal Branding sessions, you have an optional style consultation with your photographer on the phone where you will go over style, look and feel, and persona. We spend an extended amount of time in the studio, trying different looks, different backdrops, and different posing to really capture the personal brand you would like to market to your clients. Final gallery of images sent via digital download gallery in hi-res so you can use immediately. These images are color corrected and minor editing done. Retouching can be added per image.

Optional add ons include: Professional Hair & Makeup artist, retouching, and an on-location shoot.

Up to an Hour Shoot

Up to 4 Looks

Multiple Backdrops & Posing

Optional Pre-Shoot Style Consultation

20 Final Hi-Res Images (no retouching)





Your pro stylist will be available throughout your entire shoot for touchups and any hair and makeup changes necessary.



If you would like studio and location (within 10 min of studio) there is a $100 fee which includes the extra time for traveling. To bypass the studio altogether and do a location session there is a small $25 fee.



Images chosen to be retouched will receive the best care. Our typical retouching includes skin smoothing and color balancing, blemish removal, wrinkle reduce or removal, and teeth whitening. Our approach to retouching is to keep the integrity of the subject, however, you can have as much input in what you would like done with in regards to the retouched images.



If you would like all images to be retouched from the session, you can add on this option. If your shoot produces more thank 20 final images, you will select which final 20 are to be retouched for this option.